A Platform That Equips Marketplace Disciples to Disciple The Nations

The last commandment of Jesus was to “make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19) This app is designed as a digital discipleship tool for marketplace believers with a passion to disciple & transform their companies, communities & countries for the Kingdom.

All our content is organized around the 7 mountains of societal influence: Business, Education, Government, Media, Arts & Entertainment, Faith and Family. So, wherever you work or live, our app offers you powerful equipping resources to guide you into your destiny.

Simple and easy to use, the TKI app provides unlimited FREE access to wisdom-filled, spirit-led, marketplace-focused content whenever, wherever you need it.

What Is The Kingdom Institute App?

A Platform That Equips Marketplace Believers Around The World

Unleash the Power of Heaven Throughout Your Marketplace


Everything we do on the TKI app is to encourage, equip and prepare you to maximize your Kingdom impact at work. The harvest is great, and those of us in the marketplace have the easiest access to the 98% of people who do not work in a church. Our destiny, therefore, is to disciple nations through the marketplace. Join our journey and download the TKI app today.

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Kingdom Resources In Many Different Languages

Connect & Grow In Local Hubs

TKI hubs are local connection points where fellow spirit-led believers gather to learn, grow and pray. Though a powerful combination of teaching an intercessory prayer, TKI hubs are designed to:

  • Connect local marketplace believers

  • Create a learning space for Kingdom principles

  • Led by a local anointed Ambassador

  • Unleash powerful intercessory prayer in your area

  • Connect with other TKI hubs around the world

Interested In Starting A Hub?

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Who Are We

The Birthplace of The Kingdom Institute

TKI was birthed as Holy Spirit convicted two men living in Pensacola, FL that the marketplace is the BEST place to disciple the nations. They sensed a monumental gap in marketplace-focused, Spirit-led discipleship content. This was the reason our co-founders, Dr. Jim Harris and Dan Gifford, launched The Kingdom Institute. Together with dozens of other faithful marketplace warriors, these men have designed a digital platform that puts Kingdom power in your pocket anytime, anywhere.

We welcome connecting with you and encourage you to share this nation-shifting platform with all your friends and workmates.

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