“So they went up to Baal Perazim, and David defeated them there. Then David said, “God has broken through my enemies by my hand like a breakthrough of water.” Therefore, they called the name of that place Baal Perazim.”  1 Chronicles 14:11

Breakthrough (n):
  • An offensive military assault that penetrates and carries beyond a defensive line
  • An act of moving through or beyond an obstacle
  • A sudden advance especially in knowledge or technique

The Word is filled with example after example of how His people under His power were able to breakthrough seemingly unsurmountable obstacles and make supernatural advances in their environments.

As marketplace impacters, we should be encouraged and confident that God will do the same in our lives.

Yet the penetrating question is, “How do I launch my breakthrough?”

Answer: in the same way other Kingdom-driven marketplace impacters do.

The Traditional Approach

Secular companies and organizations typically follow a format of:
  1. Define the problem
  2. Uncover causes
  3. Generate solutions.

Although there are countless variations of these basic steps (many of which I too have taught for decades throughout the marketplace), these steps can prove quite helpful in initiating problem solving.

However, traditional approaches ignore the one critical unfair advantage Kingdom impacters embrace that truly ignites a far more powerful approach to breakthrough. That advantage – unleashing the full power of the Kingdom within the breakthrough process!

Four Phases of Kingdom Breakthrough

As I have read, studied, and meditated on how to systematize a Kingdom breakthrough process, I have found that most of not all of the major Biblical breakthroughs follow these four phases:
  1. Situation
  2. Revelation
  3. Intercession
  4. Activation

See the difference?

The traditional approach, with all its merits, skips from the situation into the activation, totally ignoring tapping into heaven’s wisdom and power to supernaturally overcome their challenges.

This week I will focus on one phase per day with some is0nsights and suggestions on how you can leverage the four phases of Kingdom breakthrough for your company, ministry and family.

Today’s Revelation: The process for Kingdom breakthrough overpowers any traditional approach to problem solving.

Today’s ActivationRead Nehemiah chapters 1-2 which serves as this week’s model for model for Kingdom breakthrough.