“So it was, when I heard these words, that I sat down and wept, and mourned for many days; I was fasting and praying before the God of heaven.” Nehemiah 1:4


Last week Phase 1 of the Kingdom Breakthrough – the Situation Analysis. As a case study, we looked at Nehemiah getting the situational overview of the destruction of the walls of Jerusalem and the desperate effect it had on the people.

Here in Nehemiah 1:4, we sense the impact of that situational analysis on Nehemiah.

Nehemiah’s Reaction: Revelation

Given the desperate situation, Nehemiah did the only thing he could – he immediately stepped into repentance, fasting and prayer for revelation. His heart and spirit were crushed. He then stepped into the second phase of a Kingdom breakthrough – Revelation.

In just a few words, Nehemiah teaches us exactly what we should do when faced with an overwhelming marketplace situation: fast, pray, and intercede for revelation.

Just like Nehemiah, when we step into the revelation phase, we should seek all of God’s desires for this situation including:

  • Godly insights
  • Supernatural intuition
  • Words of knowledge and wisdom
  • Prophetic visions and dreams
  • Deep wisdom as we search the Word for His thoughts and ways
  • A witness*(see note below) through Holy Spirit and/or others

Revelation: What Most Companies Overlook

It is both interesting and sad that most faith-based marketplace companies seldom take this phase seriously. Oh, they may say they pray about it. But like their secular competitors, they typically fall back upon their mental brilliance in situational analysis to “out think their competition!”

I confess that I too have skipped, ignored or taken this critical phase far too lightly.

Now I bring this phase into my breakthrough process even if the company remains unaware of it. Why?

First, they need this light.

Second, I need the light, too!

Third, and most important, what better way to glorify God in the marketplace than to bring a Joseph / Esther / Daniel / Nehemiah-type anointed solution into their situation.

Today’s Revelation: True marketplace breakthrough can only occur through intentionally seeking God’s revelation for the situation.

Today’s ActivationInvest 60-minutes TODAY in deep prayer and intercession for your company, clients or life situation.