“O Lord, I pray, please let Your ear be attentive to the prayer of Your servant, and to the prayer of Your servants who desire to fear Your name; and let Your servant prosper this day, I pray, and grant him mercy in the sight of this man.” For I was the king’s cupbearer.” Nehemiah 1:11

After Nehemiah stepped into Kingdom Breakthrough Phase 2: Revelation, I suggest he also entered Kingdom Breakthrough Phase 3: Intercession. Why do I suggest this?

Sometime within the Revelation phase, Nehemiah received a download that he was to lead the rebuilding of the walls and how to do it! But how could he rebuild the entire walls of such a large city since he:

  • Was a servant to an evil king?
  • Lived hundreds of miles from Jerusalem?
  • Had no money, transportation, or staff?
  • Had no human access to the overwhelming amount of materials needed to rebuild the walls of an entire city?
  • Was destined to be one step away from instant death, either by drinking poison intended for the king or for simply frowning in his presence?

What Does Intercession Mean?

As Tommi Femrite writes in her incredible book, Invading the Seven Mountains with Intercession“The word ‘intercede’ is derived directly from the Latin words inter (meaning ‘between’) and cede (meaning ‘to go’). By its very description, then, intercession is the act of going between, meditating, or joining. In judicial terms, interceding for someone is pleading for or requesting something on that person’s behalf…On this earth, God has called intercessors to stand in the gap for people, situations and entire lands. These prayer warriors are crucial to the Lord’s strategy to manifest His kingdom on earth.” pgs. 22-23

This is exactly what Nehemiah did. He jumped into intercession, standing in the gap for Jerusalem and seeking God’s will in this situation.

Intercession is more than traditional prayer, typically seen as a short-albeit-sincere request made to God. Intercession is a deep, focused, intentional time searching for the deep things of God, His ways, His desires, His will. This level of revelation rarely if ever comes as a casual, first-time download.

How to Launch Your Intercession

I cautiously offer to you one question that can launch your intercession allowing God to download to you His will and His ways for your situation. Remember, intercession is far more than just one question, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

This one question takes the first two phases of Kingdom Breakthrough (Situation and Revelation) and steps you into Intercession. That one question is:

“God, what does Your Revelation on this Situation mean to me?”

By starting with this simple question, you can quickly step into a full spiritual listening mode, forcing you to get out of your mind (what I struggle with) and into His mind. For we have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16), so why not tap into it?

Hey, scoff if you like, but I need to be out of my mind and into His mind to overcome the many situations I face. How about you?

“I need to be out of my mind and into His mind to overcome the many situations I face.”

Intercession is Critical

True intercession is critical to overcome the overwhelming situations we face in business and in life.

Here is a huge piece of advice I have learned about the Intercession Phase: take your time! Most often, His revelation into your intercession takes lots of time. Why?

Looking back in my life, God has often had to cleanse me with hyssop (Psalm 51:7) before He can pour His revelatory answers into my new wineskin (Matthew 9:17). Sometimes I am not ready for the massiveness of His answer, so He has to prepare for His monumental solution. Other times it simply is not His time to release the answer.

Just know that intercession takes time, which flies in the face of our capitalistic marketplace “get-r-dun” now tradition.

This is, however, the Kingdom intercession way.

Your Homework

Now – a fun homework assignment before tomorrow’s Kingdom Breakthrough Phase 4 Marketplace Minute.

Compare Nehemiah 1:1 with Nehemiah 2:1 and calculate the time between Nehemiah learning of the Situation and the time he approached the King (Phase 4: Activation.)

Today’s Revelation: True intercession is critical to overcome the overwhelming situations we face in business and in life.

Today’s ActivationBased upon your situation and the revelation so far received, begin to intercede for God’s instructions to you on your role in this solution. Remember – do not be in a hurry. Set aside amply time blocks to seek His will & His mind for your role in His plan.