“Then the king said to me, “What do you request?” So I prayed to the God of heaven.” Nehemiah 2:4


So far in this series, I have suggested the first 3 phases of Kingdom Breakthrough Situation, Revelation and Intercession. Activation is the final phase for Kingdom Breakthrough.

It is critical to note that these first three phases can take a considerable about of time and focus. For example, let’s look at Nehemiah’s timeframe before activation.

Nehemiah’s Activation Timeframe

How long was Nehemiah’s Phase 1- Phase 3 time?  That is, how long was it from the time he heard about the Jerusalem situation (Nehemiah 1:3) until he had an opportunity to present his plan to the King (Nehemiah 2:2-4) for activation?

A simple comparison between the Jewish months of Chislev (1:1) and Nisan (2:1) was a total of… four months!

Kingdom activation is seldom a quick fix for it is of the timing of the Lord, not man.

Activation Options

From an organizational perspective, your Activation could include any of the following categories and more:

  • Strategic, Operational and Tactical plans (click here to watch Part 1 of a four-part series on Spirit-Led Kingdom Planning)
  • Resource acquisition
  • Team debriefs and training
  • Alliance partner integration
  • Community or regional proclamations
  • Launch sequence
  • Leadership execution assignments

In Nehemiah’s case, he asked for permissions (letters), permits and provisions for his journey. Through his amazing favor with the King, he got everything he asked. In fact, the King only had one question for Nehemiah: when will you return? (Nehemiah 2:6)

Supernatural Kingdom Breakthrough

Once Nehemiah arrived on site, surveyed the destruction and finalized some last-minute details of God’s plan, (Nehemiah 2:11-12), the rebuilding of the walls only took 52 days (Nehemiah 6:15) – not even two full months!

So exactly how big were these walls? Many records tell us that the walls of Jerusalem are:

  • 2.5 miles long
  • 40 feet high
  • 8 feet thick with…
  • 34 watch towers and…
  • 8 gates.

Even by today’s standards, removing the destroyed and crumpled debris, resetting all the foundations and stones and gates and watch towers in 52 days WITH ONLY HANDTOOLS AND HORSES is nothing short of a miracle.

And think of it this way: the physical Activation phase of rebuilding the wall took only 50% of the time (2 months) of the Revelation + Intercession phases (4 months)!

Therefore, be encouraged if you still are in your Revelation and Intercession phases. For once you are given clearance by God to launch, your Activation phase could be completed supernaturally fast!

Today’s Revelation: Your competed Activation phase is likely to take less time than your Revelation and Intercession Phases combined.

Today’s ActivationDo not activate before it is His time. Bury your flesh that desires to get everything done NOW and allow God’s perfect timing to dictate when you are to unleash your activation plan.