Let’s face it – we live in a digital world where much of what we learn, watch or research is listed within the particular web search engines we use.

Just One Click Away

According to StatCounter, Google currently has a 92% search engine market share worldwide with Bing at 2.5%, Yahoo at 1.8%, Baidu at 1.1%, Yandex RU at .54% and DuckDuckGo at .4%.

Oberlo suggests Google at 78%, Bing at 8%, Baidu at 7%, Yahoo at 3%, Yandex at 1.5%, Ask at .7% and DuckDuckGo at .4%

Other sites suggest similar stats for these search engines.

Just Google alone processes an estimated 40,000 search queries per second which adds us to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. Now add all that to all the other searches on other engines and you get a sense of the massive worldwide volume of data available that is just one click away.

World’s Best Search Engine

Although I use DuckDuckGo for personal reasons (less tracking of sites visited for 0ne), it is NOT my go-to search engine.

Neither is Google nor Bing nor any of the others.

My #1 preferred search engine:

  • Knows everything about everything – past, present and future;
  • Knows my every desire and need before I even go to it;
  • Is with me 24/7 everywhere I go
  • Never needs a good Wi-Fi connection or data plan
  • Loves to have a conversation with me
  • Tracks my every move but only in order to help, guide and protect me
  • Never needs an electrical outlet for power
  • Never pops up inappropriate pictures or suggestive ads
  • Has a built-in 100% perfect “safe content” mode which quickly warms me of all inappropriate visual and verbal content
  • And will even tell me things to come.

Did I Set You Up?

Yeah, probably did just a little. Here’s why.

My exhortation today is simple: why should I rely more upon a secular, filth-filled and often anti-Christian digital portal for my critical information needs rather than the One who lives in me with access to every answer to every question I could ever ask?

I can hear many of you ask, “Hey Dr. Jim, are you suggesting we don’t use Google or Bing or any digital web-based search engine?”

Of course not. I use them every day for all the minutia I need (just like the search engine stats above and directions and lots of other stuff).

This article is a simple reminder that you already have the world’s greatest search engine living inside you for EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER WANT!

Just like my good friend, Rick DeVary, whom I call the “Spirit-Led Mechanic,” rather than search Google or YouTube for what the core problem to my car engine could be, he always FIRST asks Holy Spirit.

And guess what….very often….if not every time … Holy Spirit prompts him to something his 30+ years as a mechanic would NOT have thought of!

You’ve Got It – So Use It

As I finish this article, it seems almost childish to remind you Kingdom warriors of your unfair advantage.

Maybe this article was as much for me as it was for you.

Well, gotta go now.  Am about to make an important decision and I know which search engine I’m going to use!