“And [Jesus] made us kings and priests to our God; And we shall reign on the earth.” Revelation 5:10

Modern Day Kings

Old testament kings served two primary roles: to rule over God’s people and to wage war against their enemies. They oversaw all commerce, land, trade and the economy of their nation, always separating a portion of their treasury to the priests. More so, they were NOT allowed to perform “priestly” functions through the then clear and distinct separation of church and business.

Under the new covenant, modern-day kings, have an expanded role. Not only do you reign over their sphere of marketplace influence, you also are appointed to serve in a priestly/pastoral role over their tribe.

Modern-day kings:

  • Are anointed and called to five of the seven mountains of influence (business, education, media, arts and entertainment, and government).
  • Expect great results – expansion, multiplication, exponential growth as he/she sees kingdom business as supernatural
  • Expand the kingdom outside the church into the marketplace spheres
  • Are the movers and shakers in the Kingdom
  • Do not leave their work to start ministries but view their jobs/businesses as a sacred part of a King’s destiny
  • Do not bend to culture – they transform it
  • Do not beg – they decree
  • Administer in the Spirit in their marketplace as freely as a Priest in the church
  • Take spiritual authority over their workplace (office, employees, company, customers, industry, etc.).
  • Embrace their appointed role within the five-fold ministry at work (walk in the role of apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher or evangelist)
  • Unleash the full power of the heaven into their market

Modern Day Priests

Old testament priests exclusively served within the wall of the temple. They seldom stepped into the marketplace except to prophesy or warn/call out the kings of current or potential missteps. Their anointment was for the house of God whereas kings were anointed only for the marketplace… or so conventional “wisdom” had them believe.

Modern-day priests can indeed carry this same anointment for the faith mountain, yet also be a critical role that is available for marketplace impacters within their companies.

The modern-day priest anointment includes:

  • A clear, distinctive calling within faith mountain to build the church.
  • Grow a strong five-fold leadership ministry within their body.
  • Equip and grow the spiritual foundation and strength of their tribe.
  • Walk along side of their kingdom members as spiritual Sherpas.
  • Provide their kings with an apostolic covering for their marketplace mission.
  • Equip their kings to serve in the role of both a king and priest in their work.
  • Sever the traditional divisions of “clergy vs. lay leaders” while raising up an army of Spirit-led, Kingdom-focused warriors to invade and conquer their marketplace mountains.
  • Embrace their marketplace kings as far more than an instant cash machine but as a strategic partner in transforming the world for the gospel of the Kingdom.

Your Challenge

One person- two roles.

You ARE ABLE…and should…walk in both roles within your organization. If you are not currently walking in the role of both a leader and a spiritual guide to those around you, you may be missing your marketplace calling.

For you have the power of Kingdom within you (Ephesians 3:20). And for many of your colleagues, your supernatural Kingdom power is the ONLY Kingdom power they may have speaking into their lives.

Be bold and walk in both your King and Priest anointing.