“Do you see a man who excels in his work He will stand before kings; will not stand before unknown men.” Proverbs 22:29

There are any number of truly wonderful goals we can embrace for our marketplace ministry. From salvations to healings to family restorations and beyond, our list could easily top 40-50 wonderful goals.

But at the very core of every goal is this: excellence!

Whatever God’s blueprint is for your work, His #1 goal is for you to do that work with excellence, to represent Him and the Kingdom well.

For if you are merely average, and heaven help us, below average in your work, why should anyone listen to you about the Kingdom?

Excellence, then, must become your primary goal. This is exactly how Daniel, Joseph, Nehemiah and so many other marketplace heroes of the faith launched their Kingdom impact. Their bosses and all those around them saw their excellence through their work.

Your challenge for today is simple – what is it that you can do to step into greater excellence in your work? For when you do your work a little bit better everyday, you will soon be noticed by the Kings and Queens in your company, your industry and your community.

That excellence leads to access which leads to influence that ultimately leads to transformation.

Today’s Revelation: Excellence must be our #1 priority at work.

Today’s Activation: What one specific thing can I do today to increase my excellence in my work?